April 2021

The PSR team unfortunately announces the production stop regarding PSR T01 Jet Systems and components. Due to the ongoing slow progress regarding new glider STC's the market for our system is still too small to have the necessary expected profitability. Also the COVID-19 consequences that struck our business, has led to a forced narrow focus back on our core business which is CNC machining. The total amount of systems per year, are too few to set up a certified Maintenance Organisation. In the last few years we have contacted various third parties to keep the project up and running, without success in the foreseeable future. Our advanced system certified with Form 1, is one of a kind, with great benefits, but regretfully without continuation. We would like to thank all parties involved, included the companies which supported and worked on the STCs. Which in many cases for all, (free) time and effort was spent for the projects need.

March 2020

The STC 10072596 for the installation of the PSR Jet System on the ASW27.

Eichelsdörfer received the Supplemental Type Certificate for the installation of the PSR Jet System on the ASW27 from EASA on the 26th of February 2020.

Februar 2020

First flight of the DG303-J powered by PSR Jet System.

The first flight of the DG303-J took place on 5th of February at Bruchsal, Germany. The PSR Jet System was installed by Güntert + Kohlmetz. Authority requests and performance data will be evaluated during the upcoming flight tests.

July 2017

PSR Jet System installed on ASW27-J.

April 2017

AERO 2017.

March 2017

Draline will be at the AERO 2017 on April 5 - 8 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Exhibition stand of Güntert + Kohlmetz, hall B5, stand 201.

Draline presents and informs about installation and costs of the PSR Jet System.

January 2017

Draline delivers the following kit for retrofitting the PSR Jet System December 2016

End of 2016 a PSR Jet System installed on a ASW27-J was delivered to the Netherlands.

July 2016

PSR T01 KS engine, service data terminal, control unit, fuel board, retraction system and battery.

Draline is proud to announce that after extensive research and testing, the PSR T01 KS Kerosene Start (KS) design is approved by EASA.

This is the successor of the Gas Start (GS) system which was certified in 2014. The system can now be delivered as a fully certified KS system, with Form 1. This system does not require a gas bottle for starting the engine, which results in weight reduction and less chance for 'human error'. Also, the KS has shown an improved starting performance in comparison to the GS version. The KS system uses the main fuel tank for starting, and further operation as well. The engine will also be delivered with the new certified software update.

March 2016

We would like to give you an update of our PSR T01 KS Kerosene Start certification program. The test program is completed, tests are all done, currently we are finalising the certification documents.

Added to the Kerosene Start certification program we have incorporated a lot of extra features and small design changes to further improve the system.

Some of the added or changed features are November 2015

We have finished the new Draline engine test bench. All the test equipment is calibrated, the data is realtime and realtime stored. The user interface is fully updated and integrated with all the measurement equipment. Also the test setup enables us to perform vibration surveys.

The 400N engine build by AMT and Draline has been tested on a DuoDiscus-J for half a year. This engine has been proven to be most suitable for two seater and open class gliders. For more information contact email

   Test Report about 400N AMT PSR turbine installed on DuoDiscus-J, 09.01.2016

July 2015

ASW27-J with PSR T01 KS engine in flight.

May 2015

   On 6th of May 2015 Draline received its Product Organisation Approval.

April 2015

AERO 2015.

Draline will be at the AERO 2015 on April 15 - 18 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

November 2014

   On 31th of October 2014 Draline received the Type Certificate for the PSR T01 engine.

This proves the airworthiness of the gas start version of the engine.

The Kerosene start version will be subject of an upcoming EASA application.

The Production Organisation Approval by the Netherlands aviation authority is expected soon.

We would like to thank all those who supported us over the years and all unnamed supporters for expertise, endurance and idealism.

Segelfliegertag 2014.

The mood is good and the * Type Certificate.

October 2014

The ASW27-J will be on display during the Segelfliegertag 2014 on the 1st of November in Braunschweig, Germany.

June 2014

Three flights.

May 2014

A supplementary set of certification documents was delivered to EASA.

March 2014

Impressions from the SSA Convention, Reno, Nevada, USA.

January 2014

Rex Mayes from Williams Soaring will answer questions about the PSR Jet System during the SSA Convention, Reno, Nevada, USA, February 27 to March 1, 2014.

November 2013

A complete set of signed certification documents was delivered to EASA.

July 2013

Within the frame of an EASA meeting in Cologne we discussed the EASA comments on our certification documents.

March 2013

Winter flight impressions from 800m height, flight data.

February 2013

First flight of the ASW27-J on 10th of Februar 2013.

January 2013

We received EASA comments on our certification documents.

December 2012

Test installation of a PSR T01 engine on a ASW27-J.

The first fuselage tank was installed on a ASW27-J.

September 2012

A complete set of certification documents was delivered to EASA. These documents are now under review by EASA.

August 2012

The manufacturing of the first ASW27-J fuselage tank was completed by Gomolzig.

March 2012

We will be present at BGA Sporting Conference 2012 on 3rd of March, Nottingham, UK.

February 2012

The latest international edition of segelfliegen includes an article about 'Jet Engines'.

January 2012

A successful compressor containment test was conducted on the 9th of January at Aachen University of Applied Sciences. The picture shows the test crew and the EASA test witnesses.

May 2011

Eichelsdörfer delivered two LS6W18 equipped with the PSR Jet System.

April 2011

During the Berblinger flight competition the ASW20CL-J completed the flight track Friedrichshafen ⋅ Ulm ⋅ Friedrichshafen within 1h30min on the 15th of May.

Flying device of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger, known as the Tailor of Ulm.

Start preparation on the Friedrichshafen airfield.

Flight attempt in front of the Ulm Minster.

Draline will be at the AERO 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Eichelsdörfer will install the PSR Jet System on two LS6W18 this month.

February 2011

The PSR Jet System is now also available for SZD gliders produced by Allstar PZL Glider, Poland. Installation of the system is offered by Wytwornia Konstrukcji Kompozytowych, Andrzej Papiorek,

November 2010

We will be present at the 'Luftsporttag NRW' on 21st of November in Kamen, Germany. We can give an on-the-spot demonstration of the system, with a specially designed demonstration unit.

Also there will be demonstrations of the PSR Jet System by Klaus Meitzner on the 27th of November at 14h on the 'Segelflugplatz Boberg', near Hamburg.

June 2010

The PSR Jet System will be present at the ILA Berlin Airshow, 11th to 13th of June. The retrofitted ASW20 will be displayed on the Airshow. For more information about the Ila Berlin Airshow check

April 2010

This month another ASW20 sailplane will be equipped with a PSR Jet System. Delivery is scheduled for week 15 to Eichelsdörfer.

Again Draline will be at the tradefair AERO in Friedrichshafen, Germany. You can find us at stand No. B2-412.

March 2009

The PSR Jet System will be presented at the AERO in Friedrichshafen, the exhibition will take place from 2nd of April until the 5th.

Draline will be present the newest progress on the project, at exhibition stand No. A1-346.

The second containment test will be performed on 27th of March. At the AERO we can tell you the results of this test.

At Thursday and Friday the PSR Jet System will be demonstrated in flight, the sailplane which will fly is a ASW20.

Also the PSR jet engine can be seen at the exhibition at the following locations On Friday there will be a presentation in Lichtenstein Foyer West about Jet Powered Gliders.